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Health Conscious Pro-Active People…

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Live a Healthier Life

Using an Ionic Foot Spa In Your Home …


Easy to Use … Cost Effective!

…Pulling Toxins from your body !

Discover how an Ionic Foot Spa can help in your holistic health plan!

We want to show you how the Ionic Foot Spa works!

This is the residue and waste matter pulled from the feet of a typical person after only a 30 minute Ionic Spa Treatment!






Dear Health Conscious Individual,

If you’re looking for a way to rid your body of toxins and improve your overall health we encourage you to read this information about the Ionic Foot Spa, and how easy it is to take affirmative action against the effects of our toxin-filled lives.

Yes, we’ve found a very simple, but powerful way to assist the body in releasing heavy metals and other toxic substances quickly and easily with simple 30-minute foot baths.

What foods do you eat? Even the most health-conscious individual has a difficult time choosing the healthiest foods all the time.

Our busy Lives don't always allow us time to make the right healthy choices. We grab that quick, processed and packaged breakfast and we're out the door. Then we wash it down with a cup of coffee, or a triple mocha latte with whipped cream!

Lunch is fast food, usually deep fried. No time to leave the office, so you grab a can of processed, preservative filled soup or chili. Throw in a bag of chips while you're at it.

It's a co-worker's birthday, and how can you turn down a piece of cake?

Then we head home, stressed, dehydrated, and pour a glass of wine to help us unwind. Dinner comes late, when we are tired and our body is tired and longing for its precious sleep. With our minds still racing we "unwind" in front of the tv with popcorn or ice cream to help us relax.

Enjoying the good life

We do the best with can with the conditions of our lives ...

Our bodies are incredible, able to endure our busy schedules and our multi-tasking lives. We can continue for years at our busy pace. But gradually that processed diet and stress build up, and we wonder where our energy is, why we have difficulty sleeping, and.. what was I thinking? Oh yes, we wonder why we can't think clearly anymore.

We blame it on our stress and hectic life!! But there are many successful healthy people who are enjoying that busy life.. is there a way to restore that vitality that you once had, and feel happy again?

We spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on our health, in one way or another. Some of us invest in a home exercise system or buy a membership in a gym. Others take supplements and vitamins to compensate for their fast-paced fast-food diet. Others have medications and co-pay's, if they have insurance, for treatments by the health care system.

Remember, even the food you eat is a part of your health care maintenance program. Are you investing wisely? Are the products you use effective?

Your Energy Level and Mental Clarity Tell It All

We live in a plastic society! We drink soda from our aluminum cans, water from a cheap plastic bottle, and caffeine and sugar in our coffee, and this is only our beverages!

How many chemicals are you ingesting in your drinking water? Processed tap water is found to contain heavy metals, rust, pesticides and even prescription drugs! Not all of those chemicals are flushed from our systems through our over-worked kidneys and liver.

Our diets are rich with sugars, more than our body can process or use. We have food coloring, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, and likely pesticides used in the food growing process. Most of that over-processed food is deficient in nutrients as well, the nutrients we need in order to properly digest our foods. If your food is not properly digested then what does it become for us?

Read the ingredients on your shampoo bottle, laundry soap, dishwashing liquid, garden sprays and household cleaners. We inhale a part of those chemicals, or absorb them through our skin. How easily can your body rid itself of these chemicals?

Perhaps there is a reason why our society is so overweight, and having such a difficult time losing that extra fat? Fat cells store toxins, ranging from chemicals, heavy metals to undigested foods and parasites (yes I said parasites). Our fat cells are our last chance at defending our vital organs and keeping the body safe.

How do we rid ourselves from these toxins and waste products, and restore our vitality, energy, and mental clarity? We give ourselves the tools that will help us release those toxins from the body quickly and safely.

How's your dental health?

Do you have alagam fillings? These fillings contain mercury, one of the most toxic substances on the planet!

Over the years these fillings continue to leach mercury into our mouth, and our body accumulates this toxin.


The Cal-Spa Ionic Foot Spa works by creating a negative-charged ionic environment, using a saline solution using simple table salt. The unit is monitors the balance of water and salts, giving you a clear, digital reading of the PH balance for maximum effectiveness.

This combination of the ionic action and electrolysis gently pull toxins from the sweat glands in our feet. There's no need to wonder if you are getting results, you will clearly see by the color and composition of the water following your spa treatment!


Releasing toxins and waste products from the body should be a normal, natural part of our digestive process. The process was easier in the old days, when our food was whole and healthy natural foods.

Nowadays we live in a fast-food, foods processed with fillers, colorants, and artificial ingredients, preservatives, and who knows what else!

We have mercury drenched fillings, and if we don't get mercury from our fillings we can find it in our seafood

many of those chemicals, preservatives and additives accumulate in the body!


Taking extra measures to cleanse and nourish the body is vital to maintaining health in our environment today. Let's look at some of the other influences: auto exhaust, cigarette smoke, emissions from our furnaces and fireplaces, spray cleaners and pesticides, insect repellent, and the list goes on...

Isn't it time to turn the tables, and clear those toxins from your body?


Some frequently asked questions:

Question: How often should the Ionic Foot Spa be used?

Answer: That depends on your current health, energy level, and your available time. You want to allow the full 30 minutes for each spa session, drinking plenty of clean water. You can use the spa 2-3x/week while you are cleansing the years of accumulation from your body, then switch to 1 session per week once your deep cleansing program is finished.

Question: I've heard of detox sickness, will I experience this by using the Ionic foot spa?

I've provided ionic foot spa sessions to many people, and not one of them told me of any negative after-effect. The Ionic foot spa helps you release toxins, waste materials, even parasites. This leads to a more relaxed, healthier body.

Question: Can I share the Ionic foot spa with others?

Answer: Most definately! This unit is a DUAL foot spa, meaning you have have two completely separate treatments happening at the same time! You can converse, read a book, watch a tv show, or work on a craft project while you are cleansing and clearing through the Ionic foot spa.

Discover how people see results using the Ionic Foot Spa

  • more energy

  • clearer thinking

  • happier moods


Check Out What These Happy Users Have To Say…

The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about the Ionic Foot Spa:


Work at Home, Triple Your Income Here’s what business consultant - J.S. says:

“I was surprised to see so much foam and dark colors coming out in the water. The reaction started as soon as we started my session, and continued until the 30 minutes was over. From the color chart I can see that I was cleaning out residue from cigarette smoking, even though I quit over a year ago!"

"Since that first Ionic foot bath I have used it maybe a dozen times, and work to stay disciplined to continue my detox process at least once a week. I feel more energetic and lighter, and I thought I was healthy before! I'm telling my friends about the Ionic Foot Spa, and have already bought one for my mother for christmas."


Lyle, WA

Triple Your Home Based Business Income"I'm a big health advocate. I eat right, exercise, and take supplements as well."

"Then I was introduced to the Ionic foot spa I didn't think much about it, but saw the response to others who were getting thier first spa treatment that day. I decided it to give it a try, and I'm glad I did."

"I was surprised to see the results. The discharge from my feet had little black flecks, something that goes right along with the dental fillings I planned on having removed later this year. That day I decided to buy my own Ionic Foot Spa so I could continue my foot baths at home. I've never regreted this decision, and feel happy that I can look forward to better health."

M. W.

Portland, Oregon



        Ancient Chinese Medicine

Recognizes the Importance of The Energy Meridians





Your feet contain reflexology points that connect to every part of the body!!


Using your Ionic Foot Spa helps you to release toxins from the feet that may inhibit the natural flow of energy throughout your entire body!



So What’s It Going To Cost Me?


We were told our Ionic Foot Spa was selling elsewhere for over $300, but we explained that we wanted to help others to live healthier, happier lives. That's why we're offering the Ionic Foot Spa DUAL unit for at the lowest cost possible. This quality Ionic Foot Spa can be yours… for just $199!


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Today’s Special Offer $199 plus s/h




Enjoy Your Ionic Foot Bath Now!


 buy now!

You get this incredible Ionic Foot Spa for a full body detoxification cleansing right now for only $199 plus shipping and handling. We'll include two great downloads packed with information for prosperity and joy in the workplace. Take the next step to a healthier you with the Ionic Foot Spa


Abundantly Yours,

Taylore and Roi



You can enjoy more energy, a better mood, and more restful sleep as a result of using your Ionic Foot Spa!

Let’s put it to work NOW!


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